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As a consequence of the global and national context, the definition of universities as institutions of higher education has changed and become more complex. Competitiveness plays a key role in the differentiation and the successful achievement of their objectives. In order to adapt to contextual challenges, Universidad de La Frontera has to face the challenge of managing a culture of quality, mainly through the homogenization of its processes. For being able to carry out an effective homogenization process, the Committee of the Comprehensive Postgraduate Quality Management System is working on the main points for postgraduate identification as a key for the Comprehensive Quality Management System (SGIC): the redesign and documentation of the Academic Postgraduate Registry processes.


To redesign the Academic Postgraduate Registry processes on the basis of the Comprehensive Quality Management System (SGIC).


Documentation of the registration process for the Academic Postgraduate Registry.
Redesign of critical processes.
Proposal for the structure of postgraduate management.
Economic analysis of the proposal.