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institutional acreditation

Universidad de La Frontera voluntarily submits to the process of institutional accreditation before the National Commission for Accreditation. The objective is to assess the fulfillment of our corporate project in accordance with our mission and vision, and to verify the existence of efficient self-regulation mechanisms and assure quality oriented to strengthen our capacity of self-regulation and continuous improvement.

This educational evaluation allows to promote an education with the highest national and international levels. The process includes improvement initiatives and an annual review with the aim to support and stimulate a transformation culture looking for excellence.

The last institutional accreditation process was carried out in 2013, confirming that the university meets the criteria established by the National Accreditation Commission.

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Step 1: Incorporation to the process and self-assessment before the National Accreditation Committee (CNA).
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Step 2: External evaluation by a committee of expert peers. 
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Step 3: Accreditation. Revision process of self-assessment and external peers´ report, independent economic report, and complementary observations. Elaboration of accreditation resolution. 

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