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The different units are responsible for the quality management of their respective Faculties, Departments, Institutes, Nuclei, Centers, Divisions or Vice-rectorates. The Division of Quality provides support and guides the units in the design and implementation of the Comprehensive Quality Management System.

The different units can have Quality Councils that collaborate and articulate their actions on the basis of guidelines, instructions and other mechanisms they receive by the Quality Division with the aim of meeting the assessment and improvement requirements of these units.




The functions of the Quality Councils of the Main Units are:

Give recommendations to the respective units about the design, implementation and systematic evaluation of the Quality Management System.

Offer suggestions for the prioritization and identification of the processes and procedures that each unit has, in order to implement and document with the aim of quality management self-regulation in pursuit of continuous improvement.

Promote the fulfillment of the general requirements of quality policy as well as the objectives of each unit, the procedures that are being developed, and the established requirements in the corresponding guide of verification.

Suggest activities, if applicable, that ensure that the unit´s quality processes are systematically used and comply with the improvement plan which is a result of the Accreditation Processes which the unit is part of.

Give recommendations about the self-evaluation process reports with the objective of study and academic program accreditation associated with its unit, if applicable, including the corresponding improvement plans.