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general quality council 

The General Quality Council advises on topics of quality management at the institutional level and shares the responsibility related to quality with the different administrative units and faculties.

Its mission is the quality development and assurance in all university activities, such as the professional training, research, university outreach, administrative and management processes that support it.

It is in charge of giving recommendations in order to make sure that the different processes and sub-processes that are being developed at the institutional level and the units that are part of it, are efficient and effective within a framework of continuous improvement. All of this, through the systematic use of procedures, indicators and criteria; keeping the specific character and diversity of activities with the purpose of giving account of the work to the internal and external staff.

The General Quality Council is composed of:

  • vice-rector of Academic Affairs
  • vice-rector of Research and Postgraduate Affairs
  • vice-rector of Undergraduate Affairs
  • vice-rector of Administration and Finances
  • director of Quality
  • director of Institutional Analysis and Development
  • dean of the Faulty of Agricultural and Forestry Science
  • dean of the Faculty of Law and Business
  • dean of the Faculty of Education, Social Science and Humanities
  • dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • dean of the Faculty of Dentistry




Its main responsibilities are:

Ensure to maintain and formalize the norms and standards implied by the quality policies.

Foster the internalization and dissemination of the quality policy to the whole university community by the Quality Division.

Give recommendations during the design, implementation and monitoring processes of the Comprehensive UFRO Quality Management System based on the cycles: plan, do, check and adjust.

Observe the quality management process results and effectiveness at all levels of the institution.

Suggest actions for the pertinent functioning of the units with assigned quality functions and of the Quality Councils of other units.

Give advice about guidelines and general criteria which will be applied by the work commission(s) and sub-commission(s) that are put together for the self-assessment process for the Institutional Accreditation.

Supervise the implementation of activities that ensure that the institutional quality processes are systematically used and comply with the improvement plan, which is a result of the Institutional Accreditation Process.